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Meet Our Advisors: Q&A with Rick Tapia

Meet Rick Tapia, our Project Team Mentor. He is well versed in many areas including blockchain platform and infrastructure business analysis, ICO strategy, marketing and PR just to name a few. Read More >

It’s not about money, but trust

It was a whirlwind trip for our co-founders, Russell Korus & Eddie Kotler, as they attended the Crypto Summit and Malta Blockchain Summit in Europe. From meeting some of the biggest names in blockchain to an out-of-this-world after party, Russell shares some highlights from his trip in his blog. Read more >

EZ Exchange Use Case 1: The New User

We understand the challenges that new investors face when trying to trade cryptocurrency. At EZExchange, we’re making it easy for new users to make their first trade. Read more >

Meet Our Advisors: Q&A With Bonnie Normile, Project Team Mentor

Bonnie Normile, Project Team Mentor at EZ Exchange, is an advocate of the distributed ledger technology, blockchain and crypto evolution, and passionate about uniting women who have #blockchain knowledge. Read More >

EZ Exchange Signs Letter of Understanding with Shyft

EZ Exchange is excited to announce that we have signed a Letter of Understanding with Shyft. Read More >

EZ Exchange Extends Private Pre-Sale

EZ Exchange announces that it is extending its Private Pre-Sale. Read More >

EZ Exchange Names Michael Caravetta Chief Technology and Information Security Officer

We are pleased to announce that Michael Caravetta has been appointed Chief Technology and Information Security Officer. Read More >

Bitcoin Is Here to Stay So Try Investing in It

Russell Korus, our CEO, discusses the future of Bitcoin and why it is here to stay. Read More >

Prominent Expert: 99% Chance Bitcoin (BTC) Will Succeed, 10k By November

Our CEO, Russell Korus, shares insights on why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are game-changing. Read More >

Russell Korus featured on FeatureTech Podcast

Our CEO, Russell Korus, sat down with FutureTech podcast to discuss EZ Exchange's vision and the cryptocurrency landscape. Read More >

EZ Exchange: EZ Academy

Our educational platform, EZ Academy, will offer blockchain and crypto-focused resources to support and empower beginner and advanced users. Read More >

What is Missing With Cryptocurrency Exchanges Today

EZ Exchange is addressing the gaps for onboarding new cryptocurrency traders through our education platform, customer support and easy-to-use interface. Read More >

New York FinTech Week 2018

Our CEO, Russell Korus discusses New York FinTech week that he recently attended with our President, Eddie Kotler. Read More >

The EZ Exchange Team: Making our big dreams a reality

EZ Exchange's President, Eddie Kotler, discusses the importance of strong and influential team, and how it is helping EZ Exchange achieve our vision. Read More >

Customer Service…. a major roadblock in the adoption of Crypto

Our Success Coach, Doug Lyons shares insights on the lack of customer service in the crypto industry and how EZ Exchange is building a path to enable mass adoption through superior customer service. Read More >

Home Sweet Home

Russell Korus, EZ Exchange's CEO shares his experience on the road in Malta and Asia with our President, Eddie Kotler, and the positive feedback that EZ Exchange received from the crypto community overseas. Read More >

EZ Exchange makes crypto trading easy and safe

EZ Exchange makes crypto trading easy and safe Read More >